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This entry covers the various forms of padding which provide structure and sculptural shaping for different goldwork threads.  The methods are felt (for subtly raised areas), carpet felt (for large high relief shapes), soft string (for narrow raised motifs), hard string (for basketweave effects) and cardboard (for lettering and other motifs which require sharp edges).  Collectively they offer a wealth of choice for the goldworker.

Padding (goldwork) is generously sponsored by Goldwork Guild Gloucestershire in memory of Janice Williams


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Carpet felt padding for increased areas of shaping that you would not be able to achieve with felt alone.

Padding (goldwork) method stage 3 photograph

Soft string padding provides a more intricate and refined shape to create a dramatic sculptural effect for cutwork. Here you can see an example of waxed soft string couched with waxed double thread.

Padding (goldwork) method stage 4 photograph

Hard string padding provides a base for couched gold threads and can be used to build different intricate basketweave patterns such as chevron, diamond and stripes.

Padding (goldwork) method stage 5 photograph

Cardboard padding provides a raised platform with crisp clean edges for gold threads to be strapped across giving the affect of a smooth satin stitch without taking the metal threads through the fabric. Ideal for lettering etc.

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