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Open lace (pattern)

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​A decorative blackwork pattern made up of small boxes grouped into diamonds and squares . It is an open, large-scale pattern which is good for more organic areas of designs.

This stitch has been generously sponsored in memory of Marie Dunphy who made such beautiful lace.



Working diagonally across the area, use a series of straight and back stitches to follow the design and create the pattern in stitch.


When moving from one shape to another, stitch the sequence to ensure the least amount of black thread trails across the back.


The use of back stitch where possible ensures black threads do not trail across the back of the white fabric.


Complete the area to be filled with the shapes.

Open lace (pattern) method stage 5 photograph

This image shows how using threads of different weights can create dense and light areas which can be used to shade your designs.

Open lace (pattern)

Structure of stitch

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