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Octagonal square (pattern)

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This blackwork pattern is made up of ‘X’s and squares within octagaons, and is a smaller scale pattern good for natural shapes.
Because of its even density it works particularly well to represent smooth textures such as skin.

Octagonal square (pattern) is generously sponsored by Linde Merrick


To keep the lines straight and even, build up the pattern using running stitches.

High density patterns: when working a large expanse in the same stitch and density, it can be beneficial to fill the area by breaking the pattern down into a running stitch. This aids in keeping the structure of the pattern aligned and crisp. Obviously if shading with the use of different weight threads or blending between stitches this technique will become more difficult, and it will be easier to complete smaller areas at a time in the usual double running or back stitch methods.


Start the pattern by working an even running stitch back and forth horizontally, each under and over two threads of the fabric.


Continue working a running stitch, this time vertically up and down.
This should produce little squares.


Join the squares with diagonal running stitch back and forth around the shape.


Continue to complete the pattern.

Octagonal square (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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