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Octagon star (pattern)

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​This blackwork pattern is made up of small squares and octagons with a star inside. It is a mid-scale pattern and is suitable for more rounded, organic shapes.

Octagon star (pattern) is generously sponsored by Tamara Chrystiuk


High density patterns: when working a large expanse in the same stitch and density, it can be beneficial to fill the area by breaking the pattern down into a running stitch. This aids in keeping the structure of the pattern aligned and crisp. Obviously if shading with the use of different weight threads or blending between stitches this technique will become more difficult, and it will be easier to complete smaller areas at a time in the usual double running or back stitch methods.


Stitch a horizontal stitch over two threads, miss two threads and then make a diagonal stitch over two intersections.


Continue across the width of the area to be filled with straight and diagonal stitches.


Return back across the area with a mirror image of the same stitches to produce a line of Xs and equals signs (=).


Continue to work horizontally to fill the shape.


Working up and down the shape, stitch a vertical stitch to complete the boxes, and a diagonal stitch to connect the boxes. Additionally stitch a vertical and a horizontal over each cross to complete a star.


Continue to work up and down the shape.

Octagon star (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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