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Oblong double-tied cross stitch icon
Oblong double-tied cross stitch

This canvaswork stitch is made up of vertical oblong cross stitches, tied horizontally with two small stitches.

Oblong double-tied cross stitch is generously sponsored by Molly Pitcher Stitches


This stitch is worked in bands of oblong crosses.
For a different effect, work the rows vertically.
After working the first cross, the second could begin two canvas threads down, giving a diagonal stepped effect.


First, make an oblong cross stitch across two by five canvas threads.
Always make the top stitch bottom left to top right.


Next, tie it twice in the centre with two horizontal stitches aross two threads of canvas.


Make the next cross and again tie it in the centre.


Repeat across the row.


Work the next row directly beneath the first.

Oblong double-tied cross stitch

Common uses

Oblong double-tied cross is a fairly large raised stitch with a definite horizontal striped effect.

Embroidery Techniques

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