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Oblique Gobelin stitch

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  • Slanted Slav stitch
Oblique Gobelin stitch main image

Oblique Gobelin stitch is a slightly elongated diagonal stitch; it is traditionally worked over two horizontal and one vertical thread.

This is the slanted version of Gobelin stitch (see straight Gobelin stitch for the upright version).  Historically, the name Gobelin stitch has been used for both this version and the straight version.

For more background, see the entry for Straight Gobelin stitch.

When used as a counted thread stitch in eastern European embroidery (often worked over three threads rather than two) this stitch is sometimes called slanted Slav stitch.

Oblique Gobelin stitch is generously sponsored by Sam Hoe Richardson


As with most canvas stitches this can be turned through 90 degrees, to produce vertical bands.


Working left to right, start with a diagonal stitch running top right to bottom left, down over two horizontal threads and across one vertical thread.


Bring the needle up one thread to the right of the top of the completed stitch and repeat. There should be a long diagonal stitch on the reverse of the canvas.


Continue to complete the row.


Return in the opposite direction by bringing the needle up two threads below the bottom of the last stitch and taking it down one thread to the right of the base of the stitch above.


Continue to complete the row.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 when working from left to right.

Oblique Gobelin stitch

Structure of stitch

Bands of satin stitch

Common uses

Smooth bands useful to simulate architectural detail such as shiplap or panelling. Also works well used as a single band to produce a border stitch.