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Norwich stitch

  • Waffle stitch

This very large square stitch is worked across a section of canvas measuring nine threads by nine threads.

This stitch has been generously sponsored in memory of Gabrielle Luff.


The same stitch can be worked across any square of an uneven number of threads. A combination of sizes in one area can work well.


Begin with a stitch from the bottom left-hand corner to the top right-hand corner across nine intersections of the canvas (A–B)


Then make a stitch from the bottom right-hand corner to the top left-hand corner (C–D)


Continue to follow the letters on the stitch diagram - you will make eighteen stitches in total.


The final stitch (35-36), should be slipped under stitch 29-30 at the edge.

Structure of stitch

Common uses

This stitch can be worked as a single motif or as part of a block of the same stitch.

Embroidery Techniques


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