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Loop stitch

  • centipede stitch
  • knotted loop stitch
  • Double buttonhole stitch
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Loop stitch is a line stitch with a raised, plaited centre. It is often worked in straight or gently curved lines, but it can be used for an open filling.

Loop stitch is generously sponsored by Philadelphia EGA


Work from right to left between two parallel lines. Use the grain of the evenweave fabric or mark two guidelines on plain fabric.


Bring the needle up at the centre between the two guidelines, then insert it on the top guideline to make a diagonal stitch. Come up at the lower guideline. Work a buttonhole stitch over the first stitch.


Take the needle down on the top line to work the next diagonal stitch.


Bring the needle up at the lower guideline and work a buttonhole stitch over the previous diagonal stitch.


Continue in the same manner as required. To finish, take the needle down at the centre between the two guidelines.


A completed row of loop stitch

Loop stitch

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