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Long-tailed daisy stitch

  • Long-tailed chain stitch
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This stitch is a long tailed version of detached chain stitch (also known as lazy daisy stitch).  It consists of a small, single chain stitch which is anchored with a long tail.

For more background, see the entry for chain stitch.

Long-tailed daisy stitch is generously sponsored by Kelley Mitchell



Bring the needle up and down in the same hole, leaving a loop on the surface. Bring the needle up in the loop.


Pull the slack of the thread against the needle and then bring the needle through to the surface.


Decide how long the tail should be and take the needle and thread to the underside.

Long-tailed daisy stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Usually found as a powdered filling in Jacobean embroidery. May be arranged singly or in groups.

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Long-tailed daisy stitch

The looped part of the stitch is made quite small compared with the long tail with which it is tied down.


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