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Long and short blanket stitch

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Long and short blanket stitch consists of a row of loops each anchored by the following stitch to form an L-shape.  It is stitched in a similar way to blanket stitch, the only difference is the assortment of stitch lengths.  As the name suggests, it can be used to edge blankets, but it can also be worked as a surface stitch.

For more background, see the entry for blanket stitch.

This stitch has been generously sponsored in memory of Susan Albury.


To work this stitch on the edge of a piece of fabric (as shown in the main image), treat the references below to the baseline of the stitch as referring to the edge of the fabric.


Bring the needle and thread up on the baseline and take the needle down a few millimetres along and in from the line, leaving a loop on the surface.


Bring the needle up inside the loop, on the baseline.


Tighten the loop to create a reverse L-shaped stitch on the surface and then pull the thread through.


Continue to work along the the baseline, varying the length of the vertical stitches.


The length of the vertical stitches can be alternated to produce a long and short design


or you can create interesting patterns and borders by creating stitches in repeated blocks of differing lengths.

Long and short blanket stitch

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