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Leaves (pattern)

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​This blackwork pattern resembles rows of abstract leaves.  It is made up of rows of small diamonds surrounded by arrows, interspersed with rows of straight stitches.  It’s quite a dense, complex pattern and is better suited to more rounded shapes.

Leaves (pattern) is generously sponsored by Gillian Morgan



Work four back stitches, each stitch over two intersections, to produce a small diamond shape.


Continue along this row by adding two arrows, each stitch is again over two threads and the arrows are spaced two threads apart.


Repeat the last few steps to replicate the diamond and two arrows to the right of your initial stitching.  The diamond should join the previous arrow.


Work back across the shape with small vertical stitches. Each stitch is over two threads and spaced two threads apart: most of the stitches will share a hole with the previous row.


Repeat the first row, this time offsetting the diamond pattern.  The diamond should be equally spaced between the diamonds of the previous row. This row should share holes with the vertical stitches of the previous row.


Continue to fill the space by alternating between rows of straight stitches and rows of diamonds and arrows.

Leaves (pattern)

Structure of stitch

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