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Large eyelet

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A large eyelet is a large round hole in the fabric with stitched edges.  The hole is made by cutting the threads of the fabric and then stitching over the edge of the eyelet to secure it.

Large eyelets have been a feature of Hedebo embroidery from the mid 19th century.  They have also been used in various sizes and shapes in Broderie Anglaise since its inception in the later 19th century.

Large eyelet is generously sponsored in memory of Emily Andre 1918-1981


This method should be used when the desired eyelet hole is larger than 5mm diameter, as, rather than using a stiletto to create the hole, the fabric is cut.  A circle is created using a double running stitch to outline the eyelet edge,  the fabric inside the circle is cut into 4 sections which are then folded under the double running stitch and secured back with the same overcast stitch that is used to border the hole and prevent fraying.


Work a line of running stitch around the shape. The stitches should be about 2mm long. A single line of running stitch may be enough on fine fabric, but on coarse fabric double running stitch will provide more strength (reverse the stitch direction and stitch another circle of running stitch between the existing stitches).


Insert the tip of a pair of very sharp embroidery scissors into the centre of the shape, and snip towards one end of the shape, being very careful not to cut your stitching.


Turn the scissors around and snip to the other end of the shape.


Carefully make two more cuts, from the middle to either side.


Gently fold each quarter of the fabric back underneath the surrounding fabric.


Bring the needle up about 2mm outside the running stitch line, and then pass the needle through the hole.


Bring the needle up again next to the first stitch and then back through the hole again.


Continue all around the eyelet, trying to keep an even tension in the stitches and not distorting the fabric.

Large eyelet

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Large eyelet

A round hole larger than 5mm with a smooth overcast edge to prevent the fabric fraying.