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Knotted cable chain stitch

  • Knotted cable stitch
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This surface stitch is a more decorative version of cable chain stitch.  A coral knot is added to the straight stitches which gives more texture.

The stitch is presumably a development of cable chain stitch; it first appears in early 20th century publications.

Knotted cable chain stitch is generously sponsored by Prof Norma Dawson and Cynthia Batten, in memory of Sarah Watkins (1896–1990)



Bring your needle up on the right hand end of your guideline, and take it down through the fabric just above the line and slightly along.  Leave a loop on the surface.


Twist the loop so that the second part of the twist is uppermost and bring your needle up inside it, just below the line.


Pull your needle through to form a knot, then slide your needle under the straight stitch to the right (do not pierce the fabric).


Leave a loop on the surface and take your needle down immediately below the coral knot.


Bring your needle up on the line, inside the loop.


Pull through to form a chain stitch.  This is your first knotted cable chain stitch.


Continue working the stitch as before.


To finish, work the coral knot to hold your chain stitch in place and take your thread through the fabric.


A completed line of knotted cable chain stitch.

Knotted cable chain stitch

Structure of stitch

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