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Knotted buttonhole filling stitch icon
Knotted buttonhole filling stitch

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  • Point Feston
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  • Smyrna stitch
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Knotted buttonhole filling stitch main image

This needlelace stitch consists of detached buttonhole stitches, each of which is secured with an additional knot.  It is therefore similar at first glance to single Brussels stitch but the knots hold the stitches in place more firmly.

Before starting this needlelace filling, outline the area to fill with back stitch or chain stitch. If it’s a needlelace slip, use cordonnet for outline. In case of cutwork, the buttonhole edging is the outline of the shape to fill.

N.B. this stitch is the same as Thérèse de Dillmont’s ‘thirty-first lace stitch’ from her Encyclopedia of Needlework.

This stitch is awaiting a sponsor.


In the example below, back stitch is worked as the foundation outline. If you want to work the needlelace filling densely, make your back stitches small.  You could also use a cordonnet as the foundation.


Work the outline with back stitch. Bring the needle up at the top left of the area to fill. Work a buttonhole stitch in the the first back stitch on the top side.


Work another buttonhole stitch at an angle over the first stitch. Pull gently to make a knot.


Move onto the next back stitch and work another pair of buttonhole stitches as before.


Continue working the first row in the same way. At the end of the row, pass the needle under the first back stitch on the right hand side.


Stitch the second row in the opposite direction, working the stitches into the loops in the first row.


Don’t forget to make a knot each time.


Work the final row through the bottom of the back stitch foundation.


A completed area of knotted buttonhole filling stitch.

Knotted buttonhole filling stitch

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