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Knotted border

  • Knotted clusters
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This is a drawn thread stitch which is worked centrally to draw bunches of threads into a pattern.

Knotted border is generously sponsored by the late Julienne Heyman


Knotted border method stage 1 photograph

Prepare for knotted border stitch by following one of the drawn thread removal techniques (Drawn thread removal and overweaving will be added later):

Knotted border method stage 2 photograph

For this sample, eight threads were removed, and then hem stitch was worked to gather the threads in bunches of two. More threads can be gathered, or each knot can be stitched over more bunches for different effects.

Knotted border method stage 3 photograph

Bring the needle out in the first gap, loop the thread clockwise and take the needle back into the first gap.

Knotted border method stage 4 photograph

Count under two bunches and bring the needle up inside the loop.

Knotted border method stage 5 photograph

Pull tight to close the loop. Continue in the same way.

Knotted border method stage 6 photograph

The finished sample of knotted border.

Knotted border

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Knotted border is a good stitch for almost any size of border.

Embroidery Techniques


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