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Interlaced cross bar

This stitch is a heavy decorative embellishment built up by crossed figure of eights on top of a laid trellis.

The scale and nature of the stitch means it works best on large open areas.

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This stitch gives better visual results if worked on a larger size grid, so that you can define the diagonal whipped line.


Start by filling your shape with a grid framework of basic trellis.


Anchor each intersection with a small diagonal stitch, ensure the stitch lies bottom left to top right.


Use a tapestry needle to whip diagonally across the shape by taking the needle under both the couching stitch and the intersection (do not pierce the fabric).


Return to complete a figure of eight decoration across the shape.


Continue to fill diagonally across the grid leaving a gap of a single intersection between each line.


Whip diagonally at 90° across the shape. This time, rather than sliding the needle under the trellis intersection, slide it under the corner of each square just after the intersection.


Continue to fill the space.

Interlaced cross bar

Structure of stitch

The thread is whipped back and forth diagonally across the intersections of a foundation grid of basic Trellis.

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques


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