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Hungarian grounding stitch

This stitch consists of alternate horizontal bands of Hungarian stitch and Florentine stitch.

Hungarian grounding stitch is generously sponsored by Barbara Jane Nairn



For the first row, all the stitches are over four threads of canvas. Begin by making the first vertical stitch over four threads. Make the next parallel stitch the same size one thread to the right and one thread up.


Repeat for the third stitch. The fourth stitch is down one canvas thread. Repeat for the next stitch. Continue in this pattern for the width of the area.


For the second row, all the stitches are over two threads of canvas. Directly under the highest stitch in the first row make a stitch. Then make one to either side of this, again directly under the row above.


Finally make a fourth stitch under the first of this group, to make a diamond. With two canvas threads spacing between each, repeat the diamond pattern across the row.


To continue the pattern make a row like the first, fitting it below the diamonds N.B. the first and every following fourth long stitch should touch the previous row of long stitches, containing the diamond between them.

Hungarian grounding stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Hungarian grounding stitch

This two-part wavy stitch is made up of vertical stitches of different lengths.


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