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Half Rhodes stitch

​A series of straight stitches worked at increasing angles on top of one another to produce a raised stitch which creates a textural pattern.

Half Rhodes stitch is generously sponsored by Vanessa Priest



Each half Rhodes stitch is worked in a square of six by six canvas threads. Begin by making a long stitch across six diagonal intersections of the canvas, from bottom left to top right.


Bring the needle out one thread to the right from the bottom corner and take it down one thread to the left of the top corner. Repeat the process for the third stitch. The fourth stitch should be vertical.


Make three more stitches changing the angle as before, so that the last stitch starts and ends in line with the first stitch.


Begin the second stitch six canvas threads below the first, so that the two stitches meet along their flat edges.


To begin the second vertical row to the right, begin three threads down and two threads in to the right of a half Rhodes stitch.

Half Rhodes stitch

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Identifying Half Rhodes stitch

The hourglass shapes of the stitches should interlock together.


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