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Oblique Gobelin stitch

  • Tapestry stitch
  • Gobelin stitch

Gobelin stitch is a slightly elongated diagonal stitch; it is traditionally worked over two horizontal and one vertical thread.

Gobelin stitch has many forms, and there is not always consistency between naming: general agreement seems to be that the standard form of the stitch is worked over two horizontal and one vertical thread, but even Therese de Dillmont describes the same stitch as ‘Gobelin’ and ‘Oblique Gobelin’ in different editions of her Encyclopedia of Needlework.

The name Gobelin is credited with originating from the 17th century Gobelins tapestry factory in Paris, but whether the name is connected with the factory or purely a reference to the stitch’s tapestry-like appearance is unclear.  The stitch itself was certainly in use from the 17th century, as the Victoria and Albert museum holds several pieces which feature it from this and subsequent centuries.

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