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Framed cross filling

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This pulled work stitch consists of a grid of regular square apertures, each with a cross in the centre.  It has similarities with cobbler filling stitch, although the latter has two threads between each square, rather than one.

Framed cross filling stitch is generously sponsored by Ellen Pirie in memory of her mother, Nancy Foraker.


Work this stitch in horizontal rows to start with. It does not matter if you work from left to right or from right to left (the example below shows left to right).


Bring the needle up to the surface and take it back down over four fabric threads. Pull the thread tight.


Bring the needle up at four threads to the right and four threads down, and insert it four threads above. Pull the thread tight.


Bring the needle up at one thread to the right and four threads down, and insert it four threads above.  Pull tight.


Repeat along the row until the end of the filling area, and work the second row directly below in the same way.


When the required number of horizontal rows are worked, work the stitch in vertical rows, making horizontal stitches over four fabric threads to create squares.


Move onto the next row, pulling the stitches tightly.


Continue until the area is filled.

Framed cross filling

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