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Fly stitch filling

  • Crossed fly stitch
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This surface stitch uses joined rows of fly stitches to form a trellis of diamond shapes.

It is similar to cloud filling stitch, but its different structure normally gives a more angular effect.

Fly stitch filling is generously sponsored by Caroline Snowden in memory of Eva Bowes



Bring the needle up through the fabric and back down short distance apart - this will be the width of your diamonds.
Leaving a loop on the surface, bring the needle up again centrally below the two points to form a triangle.


Draw the excess thread to the underside tightening against the needle to create a V shape.
Draw the thread to the surface and use a small holding stitch over the thread to secure.


Repeat to complete a line of fly stitches; each stitch should start by sharing a hole with the previous stitch.


The line below should be worked as a mirror image; the holding stitch is positioned over the one from the previous row.


Continue to cover the area to produce a diamond trellis.

Fly stitch filling

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