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Floral lace (pattern) icon
Floral lace (pattern)

A pattern made up of straight squares with adjoining ‘X’ stitches which work to make little hexagons. A larger ‘X’ stitch is also placed inside. This is a larger scale pattern, good to use in more organic shapes.

Floral lace (pattern) is generously sponsored by The Hon Mrs Deborah Whitfeld



Start with a column of straight horizontal stitches. The first two stitches over two threads, the third is over four threads extending to the right.


Repeat the last three stitches, this time the third stitch should extend to the left. Then continue to the bottom of the column.


Continue to fill the shape by adding more columns, each mirroring the previous column.


Working in horizontal rows over two threads, the top row is worked with diagonal stitches creating roof tops in between the gaps of the top row.


The next row is vertical stitches, the first two over two threads and the third over 4 threads. Remember to alternate the direction they extend.


Follow with two rows of diagonal stitches, each angle mirroring the previous row of diagonal stitches. This creates the hexagonal shapes, you can now see a row of flowers starting to take shape.


Continue to fill the area with one row of straight stitches followed by two rows of diagonal stitches.

Floral lace (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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