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Fern stitch

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Fern stitch consists of three stitches, fanned out from a central point.  It can be worked as an isolated stitch or as a line stitch.

Fern stitch was used in China from the time of the Ming dynasty as it features as an isolated stitch on Mandarin squares from this time.  The Victoria and Albert museum holds several 18th century English embroideries which feature the stitch.

Fern stitch is generously sponsored by Susan Chapman



Start by making a straight central stitch at the top of your fern.


Add a two further stitches of equal length worked at angles to one another
All three of these stitches should share the same base hole


Work further groups of stitches downward to form a branched line, as shown

Fern stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

This stitch makes a pretty branched line and is often used for decorating leaves and floral shapes.

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