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Feathered chain stitch

  • Chained Feather Stitch
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Feathered chain stitch is a wide border stitch comprised of chain stitches linked by diagonal stitches worked in a zigzagging line.

For more background see the entry for chain stitch.

Feathered chain stitch is generously sponsored by Sanchia Groves



Bring the needle up and down in the same hole, leaving a loop of thread.


Bring the needle up a short distance diagonally down to the left and through the loop.


Pull the loop tight and take a longer holding stitch continuing the diagonal direction.


Bring the needle up a short distance above and diagonally to the left.


Take the needle back down into the same hole again leaving a loop.


Bring the needle up at the end of the long holding stitch and through the loop.


Pull the loop taut and take a long holding stitch diagonally down to the right.


Repeat these stitches alternating from right to left.

Feathered chain stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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