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Fan (pattern)

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​Each stitch within this pattern is made up five stitches radiating upwards from a central point to form a fan shape.

Fan (pattern) is generously sponsored by Marilyn Prado


Increasing the thickness of the thread within the pattern can give the effect of shading, whilst breaking up the pattern and stitching fragments of each stitch can give the appearance of the pattern dissolving and create lighter areas or highlights within your design. Try combining these techniques if the tone is to change quickly.


Stitch a cluster of five straight stitches of differing lengths each going into the same hole at the base, each fan should be symmetrical on each side with the centre stitch being the tallest over 7 threads of the fabric.


The shortest stitches on each side should touch that of the neighbouring fan.


The second row is offset by three threads so that the tallest point fits neatly into the indent created in the previous row.

Fan (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Common uses

This pattern is ideal for grassy textures as well as fur or feathers.

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Fan (pattern)

​A group of five single stitches radiating from one hole in the fabric into a fan shape. This creates a pattern of continuous rows of fan shapes, each connecting to one another.


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