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Elizabethan blanket stitch

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The Elizabethan version of blanket stitch can be found as either an edging stitch when worked over the edge of a garment, or as a decorative stitch when worked on the surface. This stitch is worked from left to right, forming a loop going from top left to bottom right. The size of the stitch can be varied. If it is used as an edging, the fabric is held in the lap and the stitch worked along the top edge .

We are indebted to Jacqui Carey for her work in identifying this stitch in extant Elizabethan pieces, and diligent documenting of the working method.  See the References sections for details of her books which describe this and many other Elizabethan stitches.  N.B. the names used are descriptive names assigned by Jacqui Carey as historic records do not give us the names by which they were known.

Elizabethan blanket stitch is generously sponsored by Alice Cheung in loving memory of her father Cheung Hon Hang


The example below is worked using a frame. If worked over an edge, secure the thread within the seam to hide the beginning and the end of the thread.


Start the stitch from top left and insert the needle at bottom right. Leave a small loop on the surface.


Bring the needle through just above the previous entry point. Make sure that the needle is inside the loop and draw through.


Take the needle down to the right of the previous entry point, forming a loop from top left to bottom right.


Bring your needle up inside the loop as before. Then take the needle down again for the next stitch.


Continue working the stitch. To finish, anchor the last loop at the top right corner.


Elizabethan blanket stitch worked over an edge.

Elizabethan blanket stitch

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  • Jacqui Carey, Elizabethan Stitches - a guide to historic English needlework (2012) , p.100

Examples of Elizabethan blanket stitch

© Witney Antiques, photo courtesy of Jacqui Carey

Elizabethan pillow bere

The blanket stitch is either side of the metallic curving stems.

© Witney Antiques, photo courtesy of Jacqui Carey