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Dutch stitch

  • Dutch cross stitch

This stitch consists of three crossing stitches which form a six pointed star.  It is a raised, medium-sized stitch that is good for adding texture.

Dutch stitch is generously sponsored by Susan Jessica Holland



Make a vertical stitch from bottom to top across four threads of the canvas.
Bring your needle up one thread down and across two to the left (this corresponds to 10 on a clockface).


Make a diagonal stitch across four threads and down two threads of the canvas (corresponding to 4 on a clockface).


Go up two canvas threads (2 on a clockface) and make a diagonal stitch across four threads and down two (8 on a clockface).


Work the pattern in horizontal rows so that the edges of the crosses touch.


The row below should fit into the gaps of the first, touching at the corners of the cross

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Dutch stitch

‚ÄčThis crossed stitch is made up of an oblong cross stitch over a straight stitch.


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