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Double straight cross stitch icon
Double straight cross stitch

  • Star stitch

This canvaswork stitch consists of a large upright cross overlaid by a small diagonal cross stitch to form a diamond star shape.  When worked in rows, the stitches are offset so that the ​diamonds fit together.

Double straight cross stitch is generously sponsored by Barbara Wright



Make a horizontal stitch across four canvas threads.


then make a vertical stitch of the same length across the middle of it.


Next, make a diagonal stitch across the centre of this cross, covering two canvas intersections from bottom left to top right.


Finally, make another diagonal stitch of the same length from bottom left to top right.


Work the crosses in horizontal rows. The next stitch to the right should join at the left-hand edge of the previous cross.


The next row is worked below the first, two canvas threads down and across, so that the crosses fit into the gaps of the previous row. Make sure the top stitch on all the crosses always lay bottom left to top right.

Double straight cross stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

A small raised bumpy stitch ideal for creating a textured area.

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Double straight cross stitch

​This stitch is made up of a large cross stitch held down by a smaller one.


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