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Double linked cross stitch

  • Leviathan linked stitch
  • Smyrna linked stitch

​This canvaswork stitch consists of pairs of cross stitches, further embellished with two vertical and one horizontal line to create a raised rectangle.  The rectangles are worked in offset rows to give a bricked effect.  It is similar to pairs of double cross stitch (as suggested by their respective names of Leviathan stitch and Leviathan linked stitch).

Double linked cross stitch is generously sponsored by Sandra Perkins


A small raised stitch with a medium pattern repeat. Great texture and very brick like, but slow to work.


Make two cross stitches next to each other, each spanning two by two threads of the canvas. Make sure the top stitch of each runs from bottom left to top right.


Next make a vertical stitch on top of each cross.


Finally make one long horizontal stitch across both crosses (i.e. across four canvas threads) to complete the block.


Work the blocks in horizontal rows. The row beneath should start two canvas threads across to give the pattern a bricked look.

Double linked cross stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques

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Identifying Double linked cross stitch

​This stitch is made of two crossed blocks, linked together. Each pair is worked together.


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