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Double knot stitch icon
Double knot stitch

  • Palestrina stitch
  • Tied coral stitch
  • Smyrna stitch
  • Old English stitch
  • Danish knot


Double knot stitch method stage 1 photograph

Working double knot stitch from left to right, make a straight horizontal stitch and then bring the needle back up just underneath where the thread is going down, on the right.  Take the needle from top to bottom underneath this stitch without going through the fabric.

Double knot stitch method stage 2 photograph

Pull the thread through until you are left with a small loop towards the right hand side of the first stitch.

Double knot stitch method stage 3 photograph

Keeping this loop to the left, pass the needle again underneath the same stitch from top to bottom and to the right without going through the fabric.  Keep the working thread underneath the needle as shown.

Double knot stitch method stage 4 photograph

Pull the thread up gently to tighten the knot and make a horizontal stitch to the right of this to complete the first stitch.  This stitch can be worked in isolation as a scattered filling.

Double knot stitch method stage 5 photograph

To work a continuous line of this stitch, repeat the steps above.

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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