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Diamond stitch

Diamond stitch is generously sponsored by Janice Lawson


Diamond stitch method stage 1 photograph

This stitch is worked from top to bottom.  To begin work a horizontal stitch from left to right.  Bring the needle out just below where it went down.  Hold the thread to the right, making a loop to the left.  Take the needle underneath the horizontal stitch and the top of the loop and over the bottom of the loop as shown.  Pull the thread to the right to make a knot.

Diamond stitch method stage 2 photograph

Repeat this process on the left hand side and take the needle down, just below this knot.

Diamond stitch method stage 3 photograph

Leaving a gap, bring the needle up on the left hand side directly below the knot.  Taking the needle from top to bottom underneath the last horizontal stitch catch the working thread as before to make a knot in the middle of this stitch.

Diamond stitch method stage 4 photograph

Take the thread down on the right, directly opposite the start of the stitch on the left.  Bring the needle back up just below this.

Diamond stitch method stage 5 photograph

Repeat these stages as required.

Structure of stitch

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