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Diamond eyelet (pattern)

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This decorative pattern is made up of little squares in diagonal rows that make up a larger square with a star shape inside. It is quite a complex pattern, which is very detailed, but you could try leaving out the central stitch in places to simplify it.

Diamond eyelet (pattern) is generously sponsored by Elizabeth Warrington


Study the pattern and divide the pattern into areas that can be easily worked back and forth across the shape to be filled. Systematically work across the shape using a combination of back stitch and double running stitch.


Start by working a diagonal trellis pattern of small squares, each over two threads. Space each line with ten fabric threads.  The squares can be worked with four stitches forming each square, or using double length stitches where the squares join each other.


Continue in the opposite direction to produce a diagonal trellis pattern of small squares.


Fill each empty compartment with an eight legged eyelet linking to the corner of each square on the trellis.

Diamond eyelet (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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