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Diagonal wave (pattern)

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This blackwork stitch, as its name suggests, is formed of asymetrical diagonal waves.  They form slanted jagged lines from top left to bottom right.

The pattern works best in larger areas.

Diagonal wave (pattern) is generously sponsored by Lucy Aiken



Make a diagonal stitch from top right to bottom left over two intersections.


Bring the needle up again where you started and make a diagonal stitch from top left to bottom right over six intersections.


Bring the needle up again two intersections up to the right and repeat the last two steps.


Continue to the other side of the shape.


Complete a parallel line two threads below. This time work diagonally upwards; each stitch should be directly below the one above.


Continue to fill the shape.

Diagonal wave (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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