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Diagonal tile (pattern) icon
Diagonal tile (pattern)

This blackwork pattern consists of diamond shapes connected by diagonal lines.  It has similarities with diamond tile pattern, although it is smaller in scale.

Diagonal tile (pattern) is generously sponsored by Barbara Dare



Start with a diagonal stitch over one intersection of the fabric, from bottom left to top right.


Count across right one and up four threads, bring the needle up and connect to the previous stitch.


Bring the needle up again at the beginning of the first stitch and complete a diagonal stitch over one intersection. The stitch should lie top left to bottom right.


Count down four threads and left one thread, bring the needle up and connect to the previous stitch.


Complete the small diamond with two small diagonal stitches, each over one intersection.


Working horizontally across the area, repeat the last five steps to create the diagonal tile pattern.


Repeat the small diamond and the lower diagonal stitch in rows beneath to fill the area. Note that the small diamonds are offset from the row above.

Diagonal tile (pattern)

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