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Cushion stitch

  • Scotch stitch
  • Diagonal satin blocks
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This canvaswork stitch consists of five diagonal stitches combined to form a square block.  Multiple blocks form a grid pattern.

The stitch is also widely known as Scotch stitch; hence the naming of some of its variations: condensed Scotch stitch and Scottish squares.  Confusingly, both Reversed cushion stitch and Scottish squares are sometimes also known as cushion stitch.

Cushion stitch is generously sponsored by Alison Potter



Begin with a tent stitch in the top left-hand corner.


Move one canvas thread along and make a stitch across two intersections; repeat across three intersections,


then two and finally make another tent stitch.


Continue the sequence to produce identical blocks that line up vertically and horizontally.

Cushion stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques


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