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Crossed cushion stitch

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​A flat stitch with a medium sized pattern repeat, the basic cushion stitch block is made of seven diagonal stitches covering a square of four by four canvas threads, the cushion is then partially covered with four stitches in the opposite direction.

Blocks of differently sized crossed cushion work well together especially for more decorative backgrounds.

Crossed cushion stitch is generously sponsored by Tina Parker



Begin with a tent stitch in the top left-hand corner.


Next make a diagonal stitch starting one thread below and over two canvas intersections, then three, then four


then three, then two and finally another tent stitch to complete the block.


With the cushion stitch block in place, work the crossed part of the stitch. This is worked in the same way as half a cushion stitch block over the top of the first, but worked in the opposite direction.


Begin with a long stitch across the centre of the block from top left to bottom right.


Below and to the left of this long stitch, work another three stitches: the first across three canvas intersections, the second across two intersections and finally across a single intersection.

Crossed cushion stitch

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques

Variant Stitches

Identifying Crossed cushion stitch

The crossed cushion block can be repeated horizontally in rows or worked as an individual block.

The size of the cushion block can be increased or decreased.

The crossed cushion stitch block can be slanted in alternate directions.


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