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Crossed buttonhole stitch

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A variation on buttonhole stitch where the legs of the stitch are crossed.

For more background see the entries for Buttonhole stitch and Blanket stitch.

Crossed buttonhole stitch is generously sponsored by Anne Sinclaire


Work from left to right keeping a good distance between each stitch.
Vary the spaces between the stitches for different effects.


Working from left to right, work a diagonal stitch.


Leaving a loop on the surface, bring the needle up in line with the base ensuring the needle comes to the surface left of the loop.


Take the needle down by crossing over the last stitch, again leaving a loop on the surface.


Bring the needle up on the base line within the loop.


Repeat the sequence to create an edge, border or filling.

Crossed buttonhole stitch

Common uses

An effective border or edging stitch that can also be used for filling.

Embroidery Techniques


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