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Cross bar filling trellis icon
Cross bar filling trellis

  • Trellis filling
  • Couched filling stitch
  • Jacobean couching

This stitch is a trellis with a cross over each intersection which is used to hold the trellis into position.

This decoration can be done with a larger cross over the trellis intersections for greater visual impact.

For more background see the entry for trellis stitch.

Cross bar filling trellis is generously sponsored by Monika Stender


The top layer of the cross should lay bottom left to top right.


Start by filling your shape with a grid framework of basic Trellis, either square like this image or on the diagonal.


Anchor each intersection with a small cross stitch, ensure the uppermost stitch lies bottom left to top right.


Complete every intersection within the shape.

Cross bar filling trellis

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques


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