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Cross bar filling trellis icon
Cross bar filling trellis

  • Trellis filling
  • Couched filling stitch
  • Jacobean couching

This stitch is a trellis with a cross over each intersection which is used to hold the trellis into position.

This decoration can be done with a larger cross over the trellis intersections for greater visual impact.

For more background see the entry for trellis stitch.

This stitch is awaiting a sponsor.


The top layer of the cross should lay bottom left to top right.


Start by filling your shape with a grid framework of basic Trellis, either square like this image or on the diagonal.


Anchor each intersection with a small cross stitch, ensure the uppermost stitch lies bottom left to top right.


Complete every intersection within the shape.

Cross bar filling trellis

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques


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