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Couching around a right-angle icon
Couching around a right-angle

This method gives instructions to achieve a nice crisp 90° angle when couching gold, silver or copper metal threads.

For more background see the entry for Couching.

Couching around a right-angle is generously sponsored by Carolyn Eddy


This method works well in Japanese thread or passing but other couching threads such as rococo and twist and pearl purl may also be used.
Use a single waxed sewing machine thread to couch over the stitches.
Start the couching stitches on the outer edge of the shape to be filled and work into the centre.
Use a mellor or laying tool to avoid touching metal threads with your fingers.


Secure by couching a pair of metal threads at equal intervals. At the corner turn the metal threads 90° and work a diagonal stitch separately over each thread.


Continue to couch over the metal thread in pairs by couching at equal intervals.


Take care to achieve crisp 90°corners, by couching over single threads diagonally at the corners, but try to avoid exposing the thread core.

Couching around a right-angle

Embroidery Techniques

Traditionally used in Goldwork thread embroidery


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