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Condensed mosaic stitch

  • German stitch
  • Florence stitch
  • Diagonal mosaic stitch

This canvaswork stitch is a variation on mosaic stitch.  Both are worked diagonally over one or two intersections of canvas: condensed mosaic stitch forms diagonal lines whereas mosaic stitch forms small squares.

This stitch dates from at least the 19th century, as it appears in an 1842 publication from the USA (The handbook of needlework) under the name ‘German stitch’.  Later in the same century ‘German stitch’ is also listed as one of the stitches used in Berlin woolwork.

Condensed mosaic stitch is generously sponsored by Tudor Rose Sampler Guild



With a diagonal stitch from bottom left to top right, work over one intersection.


Then over two intersections.


Repeat across the shape to complete a diagonal row.


Work back up repeating the pattern; with the small stitch touching the longest stitch of the previous row,


and the longest stitch touching the shortest of the previous row, neatly interlocking.


Complete the pattern to fill the area.

Condensed mosaic stitch

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