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Coil filling stitch

A pulled yarn stitch creating puffy textured bands offset by areas of negative space.

Coil filling stitch is generously sponsored by Nigel Buchanan



Make a vertical stitch over four threads of the fabric


Bring the needle up in the first hole with increased tension so as to distort the fabric threads by pulling them together


Repeat this stitch in the same place wrapping the four fabric threads a total of three times


Bring the needle up four holes along and repeat the three wraps so as to produce a group of three parallel stitches


Continue filling the space producing a band


Start the next band by repeating the stitches on the four threads below, work back along the space offsetting the stitches centrally with those above.


When you have reached the other side of the space to be filled, repeat the stitches below working in the other direction


Coil filling stitch pulled with white thread shows off the negative space created

Coil filling stitch

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Identifying Coil filling stitch

3 wraps of 4 threads of canvas pulled vertically together and horizontally spaced 4 threads apart. The wraps on each band are offset with the band above which helps to create equal bands of dense threads and negative space.