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Cloud filling stitch

  • Mexican stitch

This stitch has been generously sponsored by Galina Krasskova Beacon, in memory of Linnie Shoff Hanna.


You can use contrasting threads for the vertical stitches and the weaving to create many different variations.


Work a row of evenly spaced small vertical stitches.  Beneath this work a second row of alternately spaced vertical stitches.  Repeat these two rows as required.


Using a tapestry needle may help with the second part of this stitch.  Bring the needle up from underneath the top left vertical stitch.  Working from left to right weave the needle underneath the stitches alternating between the two rows as shown.  Take the need down just underneath the last vertical stitch of the row.


The next row is worked right to left.  Bring the needle up from underneath the first stitch of the third row and again weave the needle underneath the vertical stitches alternating between the second and third rows.


Repeat these steps to complete the cloud filling.

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques


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