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Chevron stitch

  • Double herringbone stitch

Chevron stitch is a wide zigzag stitch with additional straight stitches at an angle to the points of the zigzags.

Chevron stitch is used in Morocco, in both Old Rabat embroidery, a silk floss technique which dates from the late 17th to the mid 19th century, and Azemmour embroidery, a counted thread technique which uses negative space designs.

Chevron stitch is generously sponsored by Michael Johnson



Take a horizontal stitch from left to right and bring the needle up in the centre with the loop of the thread below the needle.


Pull the thread tight and make a diagonal stitch to the right hand side.


Bring the needle up to the left.  Take the needle down to the right, ensuring that the end of the diagonal stitch sits centrally between these two points.


Bring the needle up in the same hole as the end of the diagonal stitch.  Make a second diagonal stitch to the right.


Continue to zig-zag the stitch up and down.

Chevron stitch

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