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Chevron (pattern)

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A pattern made up of diagonal ‘V’ stitches with vertical stitches in between. It is a small, dense pattern which is suitable for more linear designs.

Chevron (pattern) is generously sponsored by Mr D. R. Coombes

Chevron (pattern) is generously sponsored by Ingrid Coombes



All stitches are worked across the fabric in a band covering two threads.

Complete a vertical stitch over two fabric threads.


Bring the needle up at the base of the first stitch.  Count two threads to the right and two threads up and take the needle down.


Count two threads to the right and two threads down and bring the needle up.
Take it down at the top of the previous stitch.


Repeat the previous three stitches in the same direction.


Continue along the row in the same sequence.


To start your next row, bring the needle up two threads below the bottom of the last stitch. Continue with the same pattern in the opposite direction.

Chevron (pattern)

Structure of stitch

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Chevron (pattern)

Columns of arrows facing the same direction with lines in between each column.


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