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Cashmere stitch

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This canvaswork stitch is consists of diagonally stitched rectangles, two threads wide and three threads high, made up of four diagonal stitches.  The rectangular blocks repeat with each block sitting in line with those to the side, above and below to form a grid.

Cashmere stitch is generously sponsored by Katherine Adam (Kitty)


This stitch may be worked diagonally or horizontally to suit the design.


Complete one diagonal tent stitch from bottom left to top right over one intersection.


Starting directly beneath this stitch make a diagonal stitch across two intersections of canvas. Repeat to make a second stitch across two intersections of canvas.


And finally make another tent stitch to complete the block.


Continue the sequence to produce identical blocks that line up vertically and horizontally.

Cashmere stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Overall background texture with a pattern of rectangular blocks.

Embroidery Techniques


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