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Broad cross stitch

A medium-sized raised canvas stitch, comprising of heavy vertical cross stitches.  Each cross stitch is comprised of three parallel vertical stitches which together form a bundle of upright threads, these are crossed by three horizontal stitches, again forming a bundle of threads.

Broad cross stitch is generously sponsored by James L. Baker



For the first row, work three long vertical stitches next to each other, each across six threads of the canvas.


Bring the needle up two threads to the left and two threads down from the top of the left most vertical stitch. Take the horizontal bar six threads across from this point, then work two more bars directly beneath the first.


Begin the vertical bars of the second broad cross four threads across from the vertical bars of the previous broad cross.


When working the horizontal bars, ensure that they meet in the same holes as the previous broad cross in the row.


The second row of broad crosses will slot into the gaps of the first.


Finally work the horizontal bars.

Broad cross stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses

Embroidery Techniques

Identifying Broad cross stitch

​Each broad cross of this pattern is worked across six threads by six threads of the canvas and the pattern is worked in horizontal rows.


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