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Brick stitch

​A simple straight vertical stitch worked as a zigzag in horizontal bands. Each stitch is offset from its neighbour hence the name brick stitch.

The term brick stitch has been used historically to refer to various offset stitches, including the method of couching called bricking, and so doesn’t necessarily refer to this counted thread stitch.

Brick stitch is one of the core stitches in Chinese embroidery, normally executed in silk on gauze fabric.  It is also used in Kohistan to embroider patterns of diamond and zigzags.

Brick stitch is generously sponsored by Mrs Bennett


Like most vertical stitches it doesn’t cover quite as well as diagonal stitches and so may need a more strands or a thicker thread.


This simple stitch is worked as a zigzag in horizontal bands. Make a vertical stitch over two threads of the canvas. Next to it work an identical size stitch one thread down to offset it with the first and continue


Work back along the band ensuring that each stitch touches the stitches in the previous band by interlocking the stitches with the band above


Repeat bands to fill your shape

Brick stitch

Structure of stitch


Examples of Brick stitch

Masako Newton

Modern Jacobean

The petal to the right of the pink trellis is worked in brick stitch using three shades of blue wool

Masako Newton