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Basket filling stitch

  • Basket satin stitch
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Basket filling stitch is made up of squares of satin stitches; each square alternates in direction (either vertical or horizontal) to provide a basketweave pattern. This version works four stitches over five threads, but this can vary depending on the size of the area to fill or the effect you require, e.g. three satin stitches over four fabric threads or five satin stitches over six fabric threads.

Basket filling stitch is generously sponsored by Sally Giffen


The sample below is worked as a counted stitch, however, you could work this stitch on plain-weave fabric as well.


Work four vertical satin stitches each over five fabric threads.


Next to this block, work four horizontal satin stitches over five fabric threads.


Work alternate groups of vertical and horizontal satin stitches in a row.


Continue onto the second row, alternating the direction of each block of stitches with the row above.


Repeat until you fill the area.


Completed basket filling stitch.

Basket filling stitch

Structure of stitch

Common uses


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