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Antwerp edging stitch

  • Antwerp knotted buttonhole stitch
  • Antwerp edge
  • Knot stitch
  • Knotted blanket stitch
  • Knot stitch edging
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This stitch is used for giving a decorative edge to fabrics.  It has similarities with blanket stitch, but has an additional knot within each stitch. Antwerp edging stitch can be worked in multiple rows, working through the loops in the previous rows for a lacy effect.

Antwerp edging stitch is generously sponsored by Lady Hazel Roberts


Keep the stitches fairly small and even to achieve neat finish.


Work from left to right along the fabric edge. Bring the needle through under the edge of the fabric.


Insert the needle a little to the right.


Pull the needle through over the working thread in the manner of buttonhole /  blanket stitch.


Insert the needle through the buttonhole loop which you have just made, taking your needle over the working thread.


Pull the thread tight to make a knot.


Continue in the same manner along the edge.

Antwerp edging stitch

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